Our Mission

Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center was established on 10/10/2010. Since then, Kalimati always endeavoured to spread more awareness in our society about special needs generally, and Deaf & Hard of Hearing, specially.

Working with the certainty that every child has his own individual strengths, Kalimati has always aimed to help each child reach his own potential guided by Therapists who work as a team, liaising with parents, teachers and medical professionals.

With Kalimati’s continuous growth and development, we have introduced new therapy services which include Occupational Therapy, Special Education and Behaviour therapy.

Our Team

Bedour Al Raqbani

CEO/ Founder

Bedour Saeed Al Raqbani is an Emirati Social Entrepreneur, special needs activist and most importantly a mother of 3 children. Bedour founded Kalimati Center in 2010, after her daughter Noora was diagnosed with Deafness.

Bedour is a Magna Cum Laude graduate in Visual Communication from the American University of Sharjah and the Director and Founder of Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center in Dubai.

Bedour has received several awards such as: Sheikh Rashid Award for Scientific Excellence 2001, AUS Chair’s Award 2001, Outstanding Mother Award from Lateefa Hospital 2009, Arab Knight Award in Special Needs 2012, Arabian Woman Awards UAE 2013 in Education, HH Sheikha Wafa Hasher Al Maktoum Award for HMH Celebrity 2014, the Gr8 Woman Awards Middle East in Education 2015 and HH Princess Haya Award in Special Needs Outstanding Family category 2015.

Sabine El-Deek

Speech & Language Therapist

After earning her Bachelor degree in Speech & Language Therapy from The Lebanese University, Lebanon in 2007, Sabine worked in a Lebanese center for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf children. She then moved to Kuwait and in September 2009 to Dubai. She worked in a special needs center before joining the Kalimati family.

Sabine specializes in the field of hearing loss and has attended several training programs in different schools of the deaf. She also presented many workshops related to this topic, including spreading awareness about sign language among the Deaf and Hearing Communities.
Additionally, Sabine is a Hanen certified therapist, after co-hosting and attending the highly regarded Canadian International training workshop “It Takes Two to Talk”.

Leah Babaran

Behavior Therapist

Leah earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education in the Philippines. She worked as a Special Education Teacher for three years before she migrated to the UAE.

She began her career as a Verbal Behavior Therapist in Abu Dhabi providing center and home-based instructions for children and adults with special needs. Leah increased her experience of classroom settings by developing an inclusion program for children in a Montessori Nursery in Abu Dhabi who had been identified with behavior support needs. This experience gave her the opportunity to work with a variety of developmental disabilities leading to a comprehensive knowledge based approach.

Leah is committed to the belief that each individual has a unique set of talents and abilities that can be enhanced and developed with the proper guidance and support.

Martine Diab

Speech & Language Therapist

Martine graduated in Speech and Language Therapy from “Université Saint-Joseph”- Lebanon- in 2009. Since graduating, she practiced for several years in Lebanon in different contexts: early intervention center, inclusive school, special school and had her own private practice. Accordingly, her experience covered different age levels and people with a variety of conditions. She is entitled to undertake therapy sessions in Arabic, French and English. She attended several workshops mainly in early intervention. Truly believing that early intervention is a major key to progress, she joined Kalimati team in 2014. Keen to progress her career further, she enrolled again at university and got her Master’s Degree in 2016. Martine is convinced that the competency of the therapist is as important as the involvement of the family. Therapist(s) and the family together are THE team which will eventually lead the child to reach their full potential.

Sally El Murr

Speech & Language Therapist

Sally is an experienced Lebanese Speech and Language Therapist who offers therapy in 3 languages: Arabic, English and French. She earned her degree from the Lebanese University in Beirut in 2012.

Having worked for 4 years in Lebanon in a special school for children with hearing impairment she is fluent in Lebanese sign language. To further support her work in the Hearing Impairment field she attended relevant training courses in hearing screening, cochlear implant, and auditory training.

Sally is a Hanen Certified SLT, having attended the highly regarded Canadian International training workshops: "It Takes Two To Talk", "Learning Language and Loving It", and "More than words" in Dubai. The focus of Sally’s therapeutic intervention in a clinical setting includes working with children from 1 to 12 years with Hearing Impairment, Speech and Language Delay and Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Down Syndrome, Swallowing Disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sally firmly believes that parents are the primary caregivers of the child and considers them as an essential part of the intervention team.

Farah Sabra

Occupational Therapist

Farah Sabra has 12 years of experience in Occupational Therapy. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Lebanese University, in 2005, and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Science through the McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

She has worked in several fields and her work was mostly completed between Cairo and Beirut. She started in a short program in vocational training for individuals with visual impairment at YAB (Youth association of the Blind) in Beirut. Then, she worked with Handicap International as an Occupational Therapist and Technical Advisor within several projects in emergency and development. Her work consisted of home adaptation, assistive devices and family support for injured individuals and refugees during the war.

Farah is currently pursuing new work and cultural experiences in the UAE. She has accumulated experiences and communication skills through her work with children and families from different cultural backgrounds.

Sheryl Nantiza


Sheryl Nantiza – Bernardo holds a degree of BacheIor of Science in Sociology and Bachelor of Law, Llb.

She is an extremely accomplished administrator, backed by years of performing the profession. She began her career as an Executive Secretary cum Administrator in a government office in the Philippines.

She specializes in maintaining confidential reports, preparing reports to view by the higher management, handling important calls, arranging meetings, maintain contacts, public relations, recruiting and training new staff. An excellent in office administration, team building, and decision making. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of administration.

Lastly, she likes to continuously study and learn more on her field of expertise or on another field. For her, learning is a lifelong process.