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Speech and Language therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy Service at Kalimati Center deals with the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of pediatric speech, communication and language disorders.

Therapy programs (Individual & Group) address:

  • Hearing Loss: Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT), Pre & Post Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation,Sign Language
  • Early Intervention
  • Language Delay
  • Articulation and Phonological disorders
  • Speech and Language disorders
  • Communication disorders
  • Dysfluencies/Stuttering
Therapy sessions are offered in Arabic, English, French and Sign Language.

Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is the art and science of enabling engagement in everyday living, through occupation. A child’s main occupation is playing and learning.

The Occupational Therapist at Kalimati is trained to assess and facilitate the development of learning and play skills in the following areas:

  • Gross motor (locomotion) skills
  • Fine motor (hand) skills
  • Handwriting
  • Visual motor control
  • Visual perceptual skills
  • Sensory processing and sensory integration
  • Activities of daily living

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Kalimati offers a variety of approaches to our multi-national deaf and hard of hearing children. The support starts from the beginning of this journey with:

  • Parental guidance on the choices of selecting an appropriate hearing device.
  • Choosing a communication mode that suits each family’s need.
  • Establishing a positive family dynamic in order .to enhance sibling relationships.
  • Selecting a school or establishment that best fits each child.
  • A strong liaison with school/nursery teachers to promote better educational and social inclusion.

The therapy approaches cover Auditory Verbal Therapy, American Sign Language and Total Communication modes.

Behaviour Therapy

The Behaviour Therapy program at Kalimati utilizes a variety of training methods including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Verbal Behaviour Intervention using Strategies of Applied Behaviour Analysis. The program focuses on children’s functional skills to improve their quality of life using specific, research-based methods.

These skills are broken into small steps and re-taught, with the goal of working toward more advanced verbal communication, reduced behavior problems, richer social interaction, and eventual success in the classroom and day-to-day life.

Common skills addressed within Behaviour Therapy programs:

  • Impulsivity and Frustration Tolerance
  • Resistance to Change and Adaptive Skills
  • Self-stimulatory and other Stereotypic Behaviours
  • Disruptive and Aggressive Behaviour
  • Manipulative and Attention-seeking Behaviour
  • Inattention and Work Behaviour

Behaviour Therapy also includes the training of parents and caregivers in order to help them learn effective behavioural teaching strategies to help maximize their child’s success. Behaviour Therapy gives parents the confidence, tools and strategies needed to support their child.

Learning Support

The Special Education service offered at Kalimati supports children presenting with learning difficulties and other needs to meet the educational and developmental goals of each child.

Special Education sessions at Kalimati Center provide the following:

  • Individual and/or group sessions.
  • Screening for children presenting with possible academic difficulties.
  • Adapted conventional teaching methods to meet the individual needs of the child.
  • Parental guidance to help them understand their child’s problems and how to support them at home.
  • Collaboration with classroom teachers to plan appropriate objectives for the child relevant to the school curriculum.

Additionally, the Special Education covers the following:

  • Remedial Program
  • Specific Academic Concerns
  • Homework Help

Sessions are offered in Arabic & English languages.

Trainings and Workshops

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